Revit Consulting

We can help you solve complex problems in Revit.

Let Planta1 help your team move forward quickly with projects.

Here is an example of our consulting service in action.

Anita, an architect living in Sydney, Australia, wants to learn how to solve a difficult problem. It’s the structure of a roof that has triangular trusses that change their shape gradually at each step, as they repeat from one end of the roof to the other end, as shown in the image below.

Seeking for a solution, Anita sends a description of the problem to Planta1. If we find a viable solution, we schedule an online session with Anita (Miami – Sydney), to make the roof together, developing the proposed solution. The session is usually 2 hour long, and it is recorded. During all the time, Anita is working hands-on in her own computer. After the session, Anita can review the class later by playing the video of the session in her own folder in Planta1’s account.


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