Online Revit Training


Planta1 online Revit training is an educational environment where teacher and students do not share the same physical space, but instead, students follow the class from their particular locations, home or office, via video training segments made available through their Planta1 accounts.

Learning is self-paced and interaction is provided with the trainer through a private student forum where you will not only benefit from getting answers to your questions but from seeing the questions discussed by other students as well.

Why Choose Planta1 Online Revit Training?

  • Online training is more effective in terms of academic achievement, knowledge retention. The reason is that you will be working on a project most of the time, not just watching an instructor.
  • The course is hands-on. The course chapters are divided into convenient segments to allow the student to absorb just a small portion of the content at a time and move at their own pace.
  • The chapters and segments allow you to practice on your own after each segment and have free time to explore. The mind needs time to assimilate information. We are not machines that can digest data all day long, 3 days in a row, like in typical on-site training courses.
  • Online training is more economic than traditional learning at an institute. You save time and money by not having to travel in traffic to the institute, attend class and then travel back home.
  • Online training at comes with support through a private student forum, because we recognize that each class generates additional questions. Yes, we have a sub-forum dedicated to each class, where you can continue asking questions during your training.

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