Revit Families Training Volume 1

Your purchased Revit Families Training Volume 1 chapters are below. If you do not see your training videos beneath a chapter heading it is either not yet available or you have not purchased it. If you have purchased it and it is not yet available, you will see that message and when it becomes available you will be able to view it on this page.

Chapter 1 : Introduction & Workflow

Chapter 2: Annotation Families

Chapter 3: Profile Families and their Usage in System Families

Chapter 4: Working with Detail Components

Chapter 5: The Five methods of Creating Solids

Chapter 6: Understanding the Usage of Parameters

Chapter 7: Making a Basic Parametric Casework Family with Options and Types

Chapter 8: Making Families with Nested Families and Linear or Radial Arrays

Chapter 9: Making a Lighting Fixture Family with Rotating Parts

Chapter 10: Making a Structural Connection Family with a Type Catalog

Chapter 11: Making a Mechanical Equipment Family with Connectors

Chapter 12: Making a Pipe Fitting Family with a Look-up Table

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