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Upcoming Revit Technology Conferences in 2013

I want to dedicate this blog article to talk about RTC, the Revit Technology Conference, which will have three events this year, in Auckland (New Zealand), Vancouver (Canada), and Delft (The Netherlands). RTC had its first event in 2005, according to links and records in its website, and it has been growing steadily in attendance and popularity. From what I have read from others, the RTC experience is very good for any Revit user, because the event is an immersion for 2 or 3 days in all things about Revit, like a delicious “all you can eat” buffet of Revit.

How does RTC compare to Autodesk University (AU)? The main differences, from what I’ve heard, are these:

1) RTC is not organized by the software maker, Autodesk, but by independent Revit users.
2) RTC is not about a hundred applications, but just about one: Revit, or other applications but only in relation to Revit.
3) RTC has an attendance of around 500 people, relatively small if compared to the 6 to 8 thousand people who go to AU.

This smaller scale and greater concentration on Revit seems to be the most highlighted feature of RTC for those who have attended both events.

Well, so far I am one of those Revit users who have never been to an RTC event yet, only to AU. That is going to change soon, because this year I submitted three proposals to RTC: one lecture class and two lab classes, and, well, my three abstracts have been accepted (let me tell you, that’s another big difference between RTC and AU!). So, I have already booked my long flight from Miami to Auckland, via Los Angeles and Sydney. Wow, I have never traveled so far away from home in my life. New Zealand is at the very edge of the world map. I will start my flight on the 12th of May, and I will be checking in at the hotel on the 14th; that’s how far it is; well, that, plus the fact that the date in New Zealand is ahead of our date in the West; anyway, that is really far, far away.


I might be presenting in Vancouver, too, but I don’t know that yet. If I go to Vancouver, I would love to meet, in person, my friend Dimitri Harvalias and his family, who live in Vancouver. I don’t have plans to attend RTC Europe in Delft, but if I could go, I would love to talk to my friend Martijn de Riet, who will be one of the speakers; we were in AU last year, but we did not find each other. This year, by coincidence, these conferences could not have come any closer for the homes of these two friends, Dimitri in Canada, and Martijn in The Netherlands.


Well, now I know. I will not be a speaker in Vancouver this year. Only Auckland.


RTC Australasia 2013  will take place in Auckland, New Zealand, on May 16, 17, 18, at The Langham hotel. Registration is already open. Please check this link for more detailed information.

The speakers for this event are:

Rula Alatia
Karl de Wet Jason Howden Andrew Milburn Steve Stafford
Graham Allan Nuno do Vale Lyndon Ingram Phillip Miller Russell Strange
Julia Allen Jason Dodds Hisham Khoury Daniel Morrison Kelvin Tam
Andrew Bagnall Jacob Farley Nicholas Kramer Rodd Perey Vahid Tehrani
Nicholas Broadbent Tony Fitzwater Phil Lazarus Quoc Pham Kevin Thickett
Jerome Buckwell David Foley Nathan Love Sherman Powell Tim Waldock
Brett Burling Callum Freeman Bruce Madsen Chris Price Michael Warwick
Michael Carlotto Katia Gard Aaron Maller Chris Razzell Mike Whaley
Mark Cronin Rhys Hall Antony McPhee Marcello Sgambelluri Andrew Willes
Clive Daniel Ceilidh Higgins Alfredo Medina Adam Sheather

The keynote speaker is Nigel Latta.

My classes

At this event in Auckland, I will be in charge of the following classes:

“Adaptive Repetitions”

This will be a lecture class of 75 minutes. Probably 60 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for questions and answers. In this class, I plan to present different examples of things we can do by combining repetitions with adaptive points. I will begin analyzing these two features, showing the rules, the possibilities, the limitations, and then showing what happens if we combine these two features. Then we resolve some problems that are difficult or impossible to do with the generic tools. There will be examples of applications of this combination for different disciplines.

“How would you model this roof?”

This would be a hands-on class, of 120 minutes, with an interval. The class is not about modeling one roof in particular, but several kinds of roofs, with several different methods. The exercises are small enough that we can do several cases in two hours. I will begin by presenting a summary of the different methods available to model a roof, and then I will present some challenges or exercises for the attendees to be resolved in Revit, using one of the methods presented, or a combination of them. Some exercises can be solved by simple slope arrows, and some others require surfaces of double curvature. The objective is to give the attendees a broad set of tools to model any roof.

“Rotating elements in all directions, just by points”

This would be my second hands-on lab, of 120 minutes, with an interval. In this class we will create a family, which is a lamp with articulated arms, and wheels. It’s a simple object, like those lamps we see when we go to the dentist. The purpose of the exercise is not the lamp itself, but to demonstrate the potential of using points to control rotations in all directions. I will provide the nested pieces, and the attendees will assemble the lamp by putting the nested families together, at pivot points that can make the parts rotate.

RTC North America 2013 will take place in Vancouver, Canada, on July 11, 12, 13, at the Westing Bayshore Vancouver hotel. Registration is already open. Please check this link for more detailed information.

The speakers for this event are:

Wesley Benn Lina El-Khoury Justin James Desiree Mackey Johnny Ramirios Steve Stafford
Patrick Bochenek Jose Fandos Matt Jezyk Aaron Maller Don Rudder Daniel Stine
Jason Boehning Rebecca Frangipane Tate Jones Amy Manning Leo Salce Stephen Taskin
Philip Chan Helen Gorina Zach Kron Harry Mattison Marcello Sgambelluri Martin Taurer
Kelly Cone Tim Grimm Michael Kyes Bruce McCallum Todd Shackelford Adam Thomas
Clyne Curtis Ed Hannabas Kevin Lea Mattew Miller Dennis Sheldon James Vandezande
Jason Dods David Harrington Brian Levendowski David Mitchell Steven Shell Tim Waldock
Grant Doherty Dimitri Harvalias Joel Londenberg Fed Negro Rabi Sidawi Wil Wiens
To Dorner Plamen Hristov Nathan Love Brian Payne Laura Smagin Mark Wieringa
Ivan Dubikovsky Alan Jackson Brian Mackey Ayse Polat David Spehar Irina Wong
Chris Price Shawn Zirbes

The keynote speaker for this event is Lee Crockett.

RTC Europe 2013 (first time in Europe) will take place in Delft, The Netherlands, on Sep 27, 28. The event will be distributed in three venues, as per this information from the RTC website: “The Prinsenhof (“Court of the Prince”), the Waalse Kerk (Walloon Church) and Meisjeshuis (a former girls’ orphanage). Each of these conference locations are within easy walking distance of each other and you will enjoy walking by the canals graced by many small arched bridges.” Registration is open. Please check this link for more detailed information.

The speakers for this event are:

Wesley Benn William Lopez Campo
Julien Benoit Brian Mackey
David Conant Desiree Mackey
Kelly Cone Harry Mattison
Martijn de Riet Pierre Roscelli
Jose Fandos Martin Taurer
David Harrington Tim Waldock
Matt Jezyk Simon Whitbread
Peter Kompolschek Doug Williams
David Light Paul Woddy

The keynote speaker is Bart Akkerhuis.

Well, there you have 3 choices around the world for “all you can eat” about Revit, at the Revit Technology Conferences. Oh, and if that is not enough, there is also Autodesk University, in December.

See you in our next blog…

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