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This is just some brief news about me, in hope that you have wondered why I have not posted here recently. I have been working from Mondays thru Thursdays at ADE, an engineering firm that specializes in the engineering of aquatic designs. For me, this is a temporary contract that will last until the end of October. I knew about this opportunity by reading the Revit Jobs section of the blog of my friend Steve Stafford. I am leading the migration of this firm into Revit, providing training twice a week, doing production work with MEP, and especially, creating complex Revit families with catalogs for the mechanical equipment that is required to make bodies of water work: pumps, tanks, filters, nozzles, valves,… you name it. Most of this library will be used in a large aquatic design project that will be located in a nice place here in Orlando, known as Downtown Disney.

During my stay in Orlando, I had the pleasure to have lunch at The Puur, with my friend Damian Serrano, from Argentina, frequent speaker at Autodesk University. We had met before in Las Vegas. Since downtown Orlando is a small town anyway, he happens to be working at an office that is just some blocks away from where I am working. I also joined ORUG, the Orlando Revit User Group, where Damian is one of the administrators. I have not attended their sessions yet, because the one that was scheduled for last month was postponed. I will post some comments here if I get to meet this group of users in a future session.

Since I am staying in Orlando the first four days of the week and in Miami the other three days, the long four-hour drive twice a week has surely had an impact, in several ways, such as on the mileage of my car and on the frequency of this blog. In some of those weekends, I have had other Revit work to complete, and some training to do at DDSCAD, in Miami; training on Revit, of course. Last week I was teaching a 2-day seminar on specific topics, and I will be teaching soon two other courses in weekends, one on families and another one as a 3-day course on Revit MEP.

I had been posting here regularly every two weeks, but this time it’s been more than two months after my previous post. I don’t like to post brief notes, but rather some longer, illustrated articles, for which I usually need to do some research and preparation. But as you can imagine, I just have not had enough “Revit calories” left to dedicate to my blog these days. So I thought I would just post a brief note to say that I am still here. Apologies to my faithful readers, especially to my friend Gary Page, in Auckland, to whom I had promised to write here about how I would model a family of a difficult chair that he showed me in Auckland during the Revit Technology Conference. As soon as the circumstances change for me, I will post the nice article that I have now in draft mode about that chair, a chair for two.


See you in our next blog…


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