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Building, destroying, rebuilding…

Yes, like when we play with Lego pieces, but I wish it was so easy. After five months of being down, this blog is up and running again. The absence of this blog was not due to the author having a lack of topics to write about, but simply, because the former website had been damaged by some of those people who surf the internet with malicious intentions, who apparently find something amusing in destroying what other people build, for reasons that I cannot understand.

The bottom line is that I am happy to see that the website has been rebuilt, that all the previous blog articles have been recovered, and that the readers who were following this blog can (hopefully) come back. My apologies for the inconvenience. If you were following this blog, or if you are a new reader who wants to begin following this blog, please use the “Subscribe!” orange button on the upper right corner of the screen, or use the “Follow” black button on the lower right corner of the screen.

Well, here is the Planta1 Blog again. Let’s talk about some news.

My work in Orlando

For the last five months of 2013, I was working on a temporary contract at Aquatic Design Engineering, (ADE) in downtown Orlando, Florida. I was providing training and implementation on Revit MEP, and building their library of families. This picture is an example of one of the many families that I created at ADE. Thank you, ADE, for the opportunity. I thank Steve Stafford, too, for posting the ad on his blog, Revit Jobs.
Custom Creation of Revit Families

The Orlando Revit Users Group

I have been participating in the meetings of the Orlando Revit Users Group. I was the speaker for one of their meetings, about Families. The next meeting will take place at the architectural office of HHCP, in downtown Orlando. Francisco Nunez and Juliana Milanov will be the speakers. Here’s a picture of Francisco making the announcement. For more information, please visit the ORUG group in Linkedin.

orug meeting

Traveling to Australia in May

I will be one of the speakers at the next Revit Technology Conference, in Melbourne, Australia. It is an honor for me to be part of this conference again. I will be in charge of two labs on families, one about generic families, the other one about adaptive families. The idea is to present some difficult families that don’t work, explain why they don’t work, and lead the audience to the steps that we should take to fix those families.

RTC AUS 2014

The Video-Book on Revit Families

This is my main project this year. I am making a series of video tutorials on Revit Families, which I will be publishing approximately every two or three weeks here at Planta1.com.

As opposed to a printed book, or an e-book, where people have to wait to buy the complete book, the chapters of the video-book are available here as soon as they are finished. This gives the public the opportunity to buy access to certain chapters in particular (only the chapters that they are interested in), choosing from a broad variety of 24 different chapters.

Also, a forum dedicated to the topics of each chapter will be available as soon as the chapter is published. This gives you the additional benefit of participating in further discussions about the topics of that chapter, with the author or with other people who are studying the same chapter.

At the moment, there is a ton of information about Families out there, splattered all over the place, but very rarely you can find all that information in one single place, complete, in depth, organized in a logical sequence, and with additional support.

Families is such a broad subject that it is impossible to cover all the topics in a single place, though. Knowing that limitation, I want to gather here what I consider to be the main “building blocks” for making Revit Families, making a strong emphasis on workflow. With these building blocks you will have the tools for creating families of any kind, for any discipline, either generic or adaptive.

The following image shows the topics for the chapters of the video-book, in two volumes. Volume 1 is on Generic Families (topics on the left, highlighted in blue). Volume 2 is on Adaptive Families (topics on the right, highlighted in purple). The topics are presented from the bottom up, as if we were making a tower of building blocks.

video-book plan

Each row in those two “towers” of topics is a “chapter”. A chapter is a series of 12 tutorial videos. The minimum length of each video is 5 minutes. Although some videos can last over 15 minutes, if that is required. For example, a chapter such as number 2 of Volume 1, Annotation Families, is made of the following 12 videos.

list of topics chapter 2

As of today, the two first chapters of Volume 1 are available. Those are:

  • Introduction & Workflow
  • Annotation Families
  • At the moment, I am starting work on chapter 3) Making Detail Components. Every time there’s a new chapter, I will post a brief note with the list of topics in my Twitter account. If you are interested, fine, if not, no problem; you can wait until you see a topic that you really, really want to know more about.

    How to start or be informed about The Video Book on Families

  • Please follow me on Twitter
  • If you don’t have a Twitter account, send me (Alfredo Medina) an email to info@planta1.com and I will keep you informed.
  • If you are interested in the chapters that are already available for Volume 1, please go to the Store and buy access to the chapters that you want to watch. Then I will set up your account in the forum(s).
  • Register for a free sample video, so that you can see the teaching style, and approach. It’s the first video of Chapter 2 of Volume 1, on Annotation Families

  • See you in our next blog…

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