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Many miles to travel and three classes to teach in May

In the next weeks, I will be participating in two different events. The Autodesk Expert Elite Summit, and the Revit Technology Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. I want to dedicate this blog article to talk briefly about these events.

The Autodesk Expert Elite Summit

I will be in San Francisco, California from next Tuesday the 7th, until Thursday the 9th of May. This event is organized by Autodesk personnel, and it takes place at the Hyatt Regency hotel. This is the second time that members of the Expert Elite group will be reunited. The first time was in Las Vegas, last year, when the group was officially inaugurated, with a special lunch, brief lectures, and certificates handed by Carl Bass himself. This time, the invitation and the expenses of flight and accommodations are on Autodesk, which is very nice and appreciated. The Expert Elite is a group that Autodesk has created to recognize, express gratitude, and provide benefits to those users who have contributed for a long time in their discussion forums, providing solutions to the online community. The users have been selected mainly from the forums dedicated to AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and Civil 3D. The agenda seems very interesting. It includes sessions by Lyn Allen and Scott Shepard, among others. I made my own contribution to the agenda, in retribution for the invitation: In one of the breakout sessions, I am going to be presenting one of the classes that I have prepared for the Revit Technology Conference: the class about adaptive repetitions.

I hope to have a great time at this event, get to meet new people, say hello to some old friends, and hopefully have some time to visit some interesting buildings in San Francisco. At least, I would like to visit the Museum of Modern Art that Mario Botta designed some years ago. Ever from my days at the university, I have admired the work of Mario Botta. I would like to see closely the patterns of bricks and blocks, which remind me of the nice architecture of exposed brick in Bogota, Colombia. If time permits, I would also like to visit a cathedral that was designed by Pier Luigi Nervi some decades ago, which, by coincidence, I am showing in one of my handouts as an example of a roof with straight hypars. The agenda is too tight and the time is too short. I don’t know if there will be time for sightseeing. I hope so.

The Revit Technology Conference in New Zealand

Well, at this moment I have already submitted most of the materials required for my 3 classes in Auckland. At least the 3 handouts, the 3 questionnaires for the audience, and the 3 tips and tricks pages… all this requested by RTC.
I still have some few days to submit the Power Point Presentations…, though… :confused:

Speaking of these classes, I was asked to repeat my class about “Rotating elements in all directions, just by points” because the inscriptions were full and there were enough people in the waiting list to repeat the class, so I will be presenting that class twice. Nice!

Here, I want to present some screen captures of my 3 handouts:

From “How would you model this roof?”:

From “Rotating elements in all directions, just by points”:

From “Adaptive Repetitions”:

See you in our next blog…

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