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Coming back from Peru, API, and BIM, life offers new horizons…

Continuing from my previous post, in which I was asking what relation there could be between Revit, API, and Machu Picchu, let me show you some pictures and talk a little bit about my experiences during my trip, and after.

My Visit to Machu Picchu

To make a very long story short, just let me say that Machu Picchu is a one of a kind, exotic place, which provides a very memorable experience for all the visitors. I think it is specially interesting for those of us who have worked on design and construction. The way this city was planned and established on this mountain reveals the work of some master designers and builders. It is a pleasure to observe the spatial organization, the plazas, the views, the corridors, the terraces, and the interesting architectural and engineering solutions that one can discover in this ancient city, a city of rocks.



Here’s a cute llama. Looking for an exit?



…and this is me at another one of the archeological places: Saksaywaman.

05-03-2014 1-17-47 PM

The API Course in Lima

This was a three-day course. Augusto Gonçalves,  from Autodesk, from Sao Paulo, Brasil, was our instructor. The first day was an introduction to the main concepts, and to the interfaces of Visual Studio, using the Visual Basic language; we started doing some routines for AutoCAD. The second day we continued building up on the initial routines, doing more complex exercises. The third day we made some sample routines for Revit. I thought the course was very good, and it gave me a first kick into this environment, which otherwise would be hard to figure out without the initial guidance of a good instructor like Augusto. The course was organized by Sonda, the main distributor of Autodesk products in Lima. I want to express my gratitude to the organizer, Juan Carlos Guardia (and thanks again for my mini-Ipad!). I made new friends, and talked about business ideas with them.  Hopefully one day I will go back to Lima to materialize those ideas. Here I am with the group. My head is almost one foot below the “D” of Autodesk. Augusto Gonçalves is so tall that his head is touching the “T”.


The BIM Management Certificate

As I said in my previous blog, some days after coming back from my trip in Peru, I  had to take the exam that was the conclusion of my certificate course on BIM Management, which I took at the West Palm Beach branch of General Contractors of America. The course was delivered in 4 days; the exam requires some two or three hours to complete. Well, I passed. I had some low scores in the part that was dedicated to legal matters (but that was expected). I did much better on the other parts, and that compensated for my lack of knowledge on the legal stuff. Well, I learned a good deal of things at this course. I am satisfied, and here’s my certificate:


And Revit 2015 is here…

Some days after coming back to Miami, the Building Design Suites were released. So now Revit 2015 is here. I have to say that this is the only version of Revit that I have not expected with anxiety, and I have not played with it as if it was a new toy. Maybe my impression will change along the year, but so far I don’t have a reason to be excited. I don’t see on the list of “What’s new” any feature that looks like the main new thing that we can explore and develop in multiple ways, like the “main dish” that has been present in previous versions.  They say that this year the focus was on performance. So many things that were supposed to be improved have been left the same. In regards to the world of families, well, now we can sort parameters. OK, thanks… But I was expecting more.


New horizons…

Well, now I can say it because it is confirmed: I will be joining the architectural office of HHCP, in Orlando, Florida. Have you ever seen the “palms” on the sea, in Dubai? That design was born at this office. I am very happy to join this firm, for the people who work there,  for the exciting projects they do, for all that I can learn from this experience, and for having a place where I can contribute with my two cents, as well. I happen to have some friends there already, due to my previous visits to the meetings of the Orlando Revit User Group, where I have met Naysa Luna, Francisco Núñez, Hernando Castaño, and others. Some friends were old friends but I didn´t know before that they were working here: Damian Serrano, whom I had met as a fellow speaker in Las Vegas at Autodesk University, and Marco Ibarra, who studied architecture with me, more than twenty years ago!, at the University of San Buenaventura, in Cali, Colombia.



My next trips will take me to Denver, to attend the “Autodesk Technology Days”. Then to Australia, to attend the Revit Technology Conference. I hope all goes well… I’ll tell you later how it goes…

See you in our next blog…

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