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Alfredo Medina

Alfredo Medina

Expert Revit Trainer & Consultant

Planta.com is dedicated to providing services related to Revit, a Building Information Modeling Planta1.com is an online training resource dedicated to Revit, founded in 2009 by Alfredo Medina, Revit Instructor and Consultant, in Orlando, FL, US. Alfredo a frequent speaker at industry events, is available for custom Revit training, Revit family development and Revit consulting engagements.

If you’d like to have Alfredo speak at your Revit event, please contact him here.

If you have searched for help in Revit related forums (or AutoCAD forums in the past), you might have seen my name in some of the replies. I have been participating in forums for several years. First, at the Autodesk forums dedicated to AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop, then, all my posts were about Revit, first at the Autodesk forums, then, at Augi, then, at Revitforum.org, and more recently, a few posts at RevitCity. After writing thousands of posts and helping lots of people in all these places, I thought it was the time to create a new kind of forum, a forum that works as a consulting service.

Therefore a new forum was born in this site in October 2011: The Planta1 Revit Consulting Forum. It provides technical support for our clients’ projects and families, in exchange for a monthly subscription. Eight months later, I thought that Planta1 should have an online store, to organize the online training; therefore an online store was setup in July 2012 : The Planta1 Online Store for Revit Training & Families. These two sites work together. The forum provides support for the follow-up questions that arise after training. Apart from these two sites, a third resource is The Planta1 Revit Blog, which is inside the same interface of the forum, where you can find interesting articles to read, once or twice a month, always with illustrations, and, most of the times, with videos.

At the moment, two friends and collegues of mine as Revit consultants, participate with their knowledge and expertise in the forum: Martijn de Riet, from the Nederlands, and Dimitri Harvalias, from Canada.

I hope that you find this site useful, regardless of your level of Revit expertise. Whether you are just about to start your journey into the Revit world, or you are already very busy with Revit projects, this is the place where you can always come to learn something new.

Our Revit Training Store is a training resource dedicated to Revit, with a catalog of online courses, complemented with follow-up technical support through the forum. Course may be purchased individually or at a discount as part of an overall Revit training series.

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